Susan M. Tsang

WELCOME to the research website of Susan M. Tsang, Ph.D.

This site is focused on my primary research interests--all things Pteropus and pteropodid-related.
If you are looking for me in relation to my counter wildlife trafficking work, please just email me at susan_tsang[at] to discuss.
A link to BatCode-related matters will be posted here soon.

NEWS blog

January 22, 2019
Prepping to leave for the field in a few hours and things have been very hectic due to shutdown-related delays and changes in work. I meant to do a retrospective for the end of the year but it'll have to wait until after I'm back from the field.

January 23 - Feb 6 - In the field in Indonesia and also off for Lunar New Year's Eve in Singapore
February 7 - Two Scientists Walk Into A Bar (through National Academy of Sciences, LabX) @ Denizens, Silver Spring, MD

Areas of Expertise

pteropodid evolution
bat conservation
wildlife trafficking
capacity building in SE Asia

Contact Info

Email: susan.m.tsang[at]
Tel: 1-917-485-3338